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We are proud to call Tom as one of our Sales Army soldiers! His expertise is at your disposal when you enroll into one of our programs.

Tom’s career milestones:

1990 onwards Tom was working in music business, operating the 2nd biggest music mail order in Finland, with music import from across the globe, music books, magazines, art books, PC / Mac mags, etc.

1995 He was responsible for running the 1st music webshop in Finland. Web business was just starting, and the bug really bit him! The company still exists.

1998 Left music business and jumped into graphical design and industrial subcontracting, started as a Graphic Designer, later became Production Manager and then CEO.

1999 Founded his first social media startup while working full-time as a graphic designer. It never got anywhere, but the social media ways of working and networking have stayed with him ever since. He’s also been involved with startups ever since, one after another, while most of the time working full-time elsewhere.

2001 Was nominated as the CEO, turned the company around from bankruptcy to profitable market leader in 2004.

2004 Left the job as a CEO of an industrial subcontracting company and moved to Denmark to do some studying. Tom got his first LinkedIn invitation! He was struck by a lightning by all the possibilities it offered!

2005 Started working as Channel Campaign Manager for Oracle, managing Finnish and Swedish channel marketing campaigns. Best results in FY2005 primary campaign in Europe.

2006 Got an offer from London, moved to UK to become a marketing executive for a recruitment agency in the City. Soon he ended up doing social media recruitment. Was soon headhunted for another company to work as a Senior Consultant, and later ended up to the 3rd London-based employer as a Principal Consultant.

2008 Started working for Elan IT Resource / Manpower Group, in Nordic Channel Management, building new resource channels for Nordic countries – with social media, of course.

2009 Left Manpower to start his own company, the very first social media recruitment agency in the Nordics.

2011 Sold the agency to the local market leader, he stayed a while as daughter company CEO, and then decided to quit and start training social media recruitment. And he is still on that road!

2017 Appointed as John Meewella Sales Army expert. Coaching Nordic growth companies to sell themselves better!

Tom has trained organisations across Europe, Russia, Ukraine, and Middle East (MENA), and recently started working with Asian companies, broadening the geographical focus while narrowing his focus in terms of training topics. Tom’s focus these days is heavily in social media recruitment and employer branding, personal branding and social media job searching, social selling, and LinkedIn and Pinterest specialist trainings. His consulting company HC Services has other similarly seasoned trainers for other topics, feel free to ask!

He is an author of several books, and he has been frequently interviewed in media; TV, radio, newspapers and other publications.

Tom Laine is an internationally acclaimed LinkedIn specialist, social media recruitment and employer branding trainer.

Tom is well connected globally. Here posing with Guy Kawasaki.

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