About Us


It must have been couple of years ago when Mikko and John sat down and started thinking of how to find good sales people in the Nordics. And how to help Nordic companies to do better sales in foreign markets using the massive networks that they both had built during their careers.

We all know that marketing and selling is one of the weaknesses so many companies have. And it was just not about selling more. It was about changing the whole mindset of how people feel about sales and marketing! There are so many brilliant and innovative products and solutions being developed in these countries, but many of those never get to see a daylight, not to even mention a customer!

To Mikko and John it seemed that the situation is so grave that it would need an army to change the game. Yes, an army. That’s when Mikko came up with the name John Meewella Sales Army.

Because of John’s background as a teacher and trainer it was quite obvious that the best way to find those sales people in order to CHANGE THE GAME was to actually educate them in-house.

John Meewella sales army

It took couple of more years when this dynamic duo had enough time in their hands to start working on the concept. In the summer of 2017 they ran the first pilot training program for 12 Oulu-based companies.

John Meewella sales army programs

All of the participants of our programs will be members of John Meewella Sales Army and get access to our inner circle. It is like a gift that keeps on giving in forms of new contacts, leads, events, training material and coaching sessions.

Muscles for growth

Coaching program for companies aiming for international growth. It is a 2-day event that focuses on branding, storytelling, social/digital sales and international sales. We promise all our participants direct leads to do sales in their preferred market.

Navy sales bootcamp

Individual growth program for people interested in becoming the ultimate sales soldier! The program takes the participants to their limits and brings them back stronger than ever. Ready to fight and seal the deals in the front line of the future sales battles! The first program will start in the early 2019.