Mini Silicon Valley road shows in Oulu & Helsinki on 18th and 19th of September!



Chinese investor and the Chairman of Mini Silicon Valley Prof. Kevin Liu and CEO of Mini Silicon Valley John Meewella invite all the Helsinki and Oulu based innovative growth companies to find out more about Chinese opportunities for investments, leads, market access, R&D funding and other Chinese market entry opportunities and services.

This is a pre-event for the upcoming Mini Silicon Valley grand opening event held in Nanjing on 18th-22nd of October 2017. The picture of in this article displays the premises reserved for Nordic companies in Nanjing, China to start their journey in the biggest market in the world.

Register to the events here:

“Mini Silicon Valley offers a smooth landing platform for Finnish companies to enter Chinese markets”

Visualization of buildings reserved for Nordic companies in Nanjing, China

Photograph by Mini Silicon Valley

For further information please call Iwan Oemar +358 46 944 1327 or send him an email at